Student Research Projects

Now in its seventh year the national mentoring program has a proven record of success with a student retention rate averaging 80% comparing favorably to the national average of only 33%. 

 Program Successes:

• 10 invitations to present at national and international conferences (e.g.  American Geographical Union Bright Stars Program, AmericaView/USGS)

 • 9 scholarships (totaling $9,500)

 • 2 Emerging Leader Scholarship (totaling $20,000) 

• 1 National Poster Award ($500)

• 1 UCD Undergraduate Student Intel Scholarship ($3,000)


Science Fair Winner Student Projects (past to present):

For the 2009/2010 academic year, Isaiah Hunter of the UC Davis Chapter received the Award for Excellence in Atmospheric Research from the National Council for Science and Environment, for his research project on “The Effect of the Number of Wraps and Thickness of Wire on Energy Generation Using Rain Water


That same year Olga Kachur of the UC Davis chapter won the Patrick Lalley Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Research for her project entitled “How Does the Impact of Salinity on Native Species vs. Invasive Species Change the Future for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley?”. In addition, she also won the National Poster Award.



The 2010/2011 program winner Katrina Rodriguez received the Award of Excellence for Aquatic Research for her project entitled “The Effect of Human Activity on the Diversity of Aquatic Invertebrates in the Sacramento River."


Untitled.pngIn 2011/2012 Angelica Cervantes received the Award of Excellence in 'Environmental Health' with her project "The Effectiveness of Different Antibacterials on Killing Bacteria".



Untitled.pngIn 2012/13 Hume Dickie received overall 3rd place at the national EnvironMentors with his research project "Radiation_in_Yolo_County"



Untitled.pngAt the same year Erin Murphy won the content scholarship in Environmental Toxins at the national science fair with her research project "Household_Anthropogenic_Pollutants_Against_Soil_Respiration"



In 2013/14 the three local high school student winners travelled to the national EnvironMentors Fair and presented their research projects for which they received national recognition.

Erin Murphy won the local science fair with her research project "Errors When Extracting Oil From Algae"


Hume Dickie also won at the local science fair with his research project "Radiological Levels in North Pacific Seafood Consumption"

Patty Hernandez, Evelyn Leon, Christian Uribe and Daniel A. Bair also won at the local science fair with their research project "Decomposition of waste materials in surface and subsurface soil"



For the 2014/15 program Diana Gomez received the Patrick Lalley Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Biodiversity and Conservation with her project "Steroids Analysis of Human Saliva: Testosterone a New Way to Identify Gender" 

Diana Poster Final_2.jpg

At the same year Erin Murphy received the Emerging Environmental Leader scholarship. 

2015 Nat'l Fair - Scholarship Winners.jpg