Martin-Rodriguez, Jenna


Jenna Rodriguez 

          Jenna Rodriguez is a Ph.D student in the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group, working with Dr. Ustin in the CSTARS Lab. Her research interests include runoff and evapotranspiration effects as a result of wildland fire, as well as hydrologic behavior of forests after prescribed burns. Jenna has also had research interests and experience regarding irrigation efficiency in the San Joaquin Valley.

Jenna received her Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science at the University of California, Los Angeles, with a minor in Geography and Environmental Studies in 2010.


Research Experience

March- June 2011
NASA Cal/Val: Assisted vicarious calibration of AVIRIS and MASTER sensors at Ivanpah Playa.

July-September 2010
Assisted Dr. David Riano in collecting data for analysis of canopy water content in almond and pistachio orchards. Responsibilities included analysis of Leaf Area Index (LAI) imagery and statistical interpretation of data using R.

September 2009- June 2010
Organized data collected during 2009 research at the West Side Research and Extension Center to fulfill her senior capstone project at UCLA. Research was presented to the UCLA Geography Graduate Group’s EOS Seminar and the UCLA Institute of Environment Seminar Series in May 2010, entitled, “Decreased Water Supply and Increased Yields in the Westlands Water District.”

June-September 2009
Worked under Dr. Wes Wallender and Jeff Mitchell at the West Side Research and Extension Center (WSREC) in the Westlands Water District. Responsibilities included organizing irrigation efficiency experiments on Low Elevation Spray Application center pivots in tomato crops, and assisting Jeff Mitchell in comparing combinations of no-till, conventional-till, furrow-irrigated, and LESA-irrigated corn crops.

June-August 2008
Studied Agritourism and the contrasts of American agricultural policies to those of the European Union in Paris, France. Conducted demographic surveys throughout Paris and interviewed the Ministry of Agriculture in Paris.

Grants & Scholarships
NASA Space Grant 
[March 2011]

 Trellis Fund Recipient 
[May 2011]

National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship Recipient 
[May 2011]

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability: Independent capstone project provides invaluable experience for Environmental Science major Jenna Martin

Research Project

Modeling Evapotranspiration of Almond Orchards using MODIS/ASTER (MASTER) Imagery and the METRIC Model (LINK here)



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